Mommy Calling Cards

The "pre-Dean me," who was thinner and never concerned with the bowel movements of another human being would have thought mommy calling cards were utterly ridiculous. Oh how motherhood changes you. I recently found myself fumbling around for a piece of paper and pen in my purse/diaper bag so I could give my phone number and email to another mom that I met. Ha. I am lucky to get out of the house with my wallet, a couple diapers and a pacifier why on earth did I think I would actually have a pen and paper!? This incident got me searching for some calling cards. Luckily, I jumped on Esty.com and found the talented Laura Beth at Happy Girl Greetings . (side note: I've always wanted to have two names like Sarah Elizabeth or Mary Liz - those are the girls that ALWAYS won the Silver M's at Camp Mystic) Laura Beth helped me design my calling cards and I think they turned out fantastic. I can't wait to start handing them out! Laura Beth also does invitations, moving announcements, business cards, birth announcements, stationary and recipe cards. Check her out!

I went a bit overboard and decided that Dean needed his own "play date cards." I ordered these on Felix Doolittle. Very cute and you can customize what drawing you want on the card. A fun gift idea.


Boating at Windy Point

This weekend we spent Friday night and Saturday in Austin. We boated, I wake boarded (somewhat successfully), Dean skinny dipped in the pool and I did not. We then traveled to Hamilton Texas for the Weber/Rankin wedding at the beautiful Argenta Ridge Ranch. I am so mad I don't have photos of us all at the wedding! I had too much to carry and the camera just had to stay at the hotel. But, it was such a wonderful wedding with good friends, family, food, fireworks, music and stunning scenery. Needless to say we are still recovering.
Having fun on the boat for the FIRST TIME! He wore his shark swimsuit with matching rash guard and hat. It'll be the last time he is able to wear that ensemble because when we finally got his noggin' through the neck hole he looked like he was wearing sausage casing. Far too tight. Then we had to put his life jacket on which didn't zip over his belly. Poor kid. He didn't seem to mind though.
The spread. Now we just need a boat!
My Dad dropped Michael's sunglasses in the water so he had to improvise.
Daddy & D driving the boat.
The Oasis.
Again with the spitting.
Laughing with Peach.
This was one of many attempts to get the boat into the boat slip. To the right of the boat dock there is a no wake area where people scuba dive and the wind was throwing the boat all over the place! Michael has serious boat maneuvering skills!


Fieldtrips & Visitors

This week we took a field trip to see Poppa Brown. Poppa is my dad's dad. We had so much fun visiting with him!
Poppa, Dean & Big.
Spitting. See I told you, he spits all the time!
Sweet. This one make me miss my Grandma Brown. Wish she was still here to see her first Great-Grand baby.
We love Poppa!

We also had a recent visitor at our house...Uncle Jack. I would like to take this time to let all the single ladies know that yes, Jack is single. I'm just not sure if he's ready to mingle. In any case, if you're interested just email me and I can give you his cell number, direct work number, personal email and home address. Joking. We had fun when Uncle Jack took a stab at feeding Dean. He's a natural, ladies...well kinda. ;)


Story Time

Here is another short home video of Daddy & D reading a bedtime story. Dean's book du jour is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See. Other current favorites include Where is Baby's Belly Button? and Goodnight Moon. And when I say favorites, I mean that they are short enough for us to get through before he squirms off our laps. Enjoy!


7 months

Here's a quick video of where we are on our quest to crawl. Dean just turned 7 months and is trying his hardest to get the hang of it. Just LOOK at those chiseled arms and legs. He's ready for bathing suit season!

A few other new 7 month activities...
- face first diving expeditions in the bathtub. this scares the pants off of mom & dad.
- spitting. all. the. time.
- trying to pull out his own hair. this one bothers me more than a little bit.
- pulling out the remaining portion of my hair.
- squirming, jiving, wiggling, squiggling and fidgeting all the time.
- grabbing, reaching for and picking up any object that isn't nailed down. and subsequently placing said object into his precious little pie hole.
- chewing on his toes.
- crying every time Clement, the nice greeter at HEB, gives us a balloon. can't figure this one out. but by the time we're at the apples he's chill.
- fake coughing. demonstrated in the video above.
- laughing and smiling at everyone he meets - except for Clement. poor Clement.
- letting mom & dad brush my two new teeth.
- bringing immeasurable amounts of joy, happiness, smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses and fun to our family. this is not new but definitely worth mentioning again.



I'm just now getting some time to upload Easter photos! We had a lovely day. We had lunch with my family and then dropped by to visit Aunt Amy one more time before she headed back to school! Dean looked dapper in his Easter outfit and was happy to see everyone...including THE bunny!
Nanny & Poppy!
Reading with Peach.
Unchie Trav & Dean.
The Bunny & D.
Pink bunny ears in my basket!? Doesn't the Easter Bunny know I'm a BOY!?!?!
(FYI: I've been forbidden to actually post the photos of D w/ the pink bunny ears on. After all, he IS a boy.)
Grandma Joyce & D.
Grandpa Dave, Aunt Amy, Dean & Grandma Joyce.
Auntie A & D.
Grandpa Dave, where are your bunny ears?!



Today we took a little family road trip. We zigged and zagged around Roundtop, Carmine, Warrenton and La Grange and found some fun new spots for photos. We made a pit stop for lunch at Royer's and listened to the Harbor Light Choir perform while we enjoyed some good Texas food. After lunch we found the perfect spot for bluebonnet pictures. A FUN day!
God Bless Texas!



This week we went to Roundtop for the big antique show. If you've never been, it's a visual spectacle. Vendors from all over the world (yes, world) bring their antiques to sell to the masses. It is always fun and inspirational. Enjoy some photos from our day!

Dean met his long lost cousin....
This happy boy made lots of friends throughout the day.
We found the perfect size rocker at The Junk Gypsy.
Sisterbelles Cupcakes was the perfect place to refuel.
Dean was partial to their strawberry icing!
I saw this purple glass everywhere. Beautiful.

Lots of lamps!
Self portrait.

We enjoyed this beautiful blue Texas sky all day!

Metallics were everywhere. Love this interpretation.