Oh Boy

Well, it's been a wild week at our house and there is no slowing down. Last weekend I enjoyed some time away with two friends and without a husband & baby. It was a sweet couple of days. We relaxed, shopped, slept and actually ate a meal with two hands. We were all giddy with excitement the entire trip. I'm so grateful for friends! However, upon my return I came down with a nasty little bug that left me completely unable to function as a human being for about two days - this is why I have been noticeably absent from the blog lately. Thank goodness our families live close by! What would we do without them?!

So...since I've been back on duty Dean has kept me on my toes! Yesterday, was Dean's second bloody incident and I'm certain it won't be his last. His mouth had a little run in with a toy basket which left a gigantic gash on his tongue & a river of blood spewing from behind one of his new front teeth. Like the calm, cool & collected mom that I am, I immediately called Michael at work to ask/yell why wasn't he home already and when would he be home b/c his son was spitting blood all over the place. Genius. Right? So after running aimlessly around the house with a SCREAMING, bloody baby on my hip I put a Popsicle in his mouth & called my mom who talked me down a bit. After about 20 minutes, 27 Popsicles & another bath the bleeding stopped and Dean was on a hard core sugar high. Status as of this morning (after shutting his finger in the cabinet door): Dean is completely fine but, now wants a Popsicles for breakfast. He stood at the freezer this morning and whined. I think I need to man up a bit if I'm going to be a boy mom. Blood, scrapes, stitches, cuts, sweat, broken bones & dirt are going to part of my day to day. Just ONE girl....please God, just give me ONE girl that loves fashion, decorating, shoes, cleanliness, tea parties, volleyball, head bands, jewelry, fur coats & makeup. Please.

Speaking of girls, one of my BEST college friends had her darling daughter on Monday. Charlotte Joy. I am dying to meet her and squeeze her and put a head band on her. She is precious! Jess sent Dean an early birthday present right before she went into labor last week - who does that!? If it wasn't edible, it wasn't on my radar - that was my mindset days before labor! Jess is awesome and Dean stinkin' loves his new bubble mower - thank you my darling friend. Even though he HATES the grass, he still enjoys mowing the back porch. (photos below)

We are headed back out of town this weekend - together, without Dean (gasp!). Stay tuned for some great photos next week!

{A manly moment}

{When the ball goes in the grass he stares at it and refuses to go fetch it}
{Look at this physique. He is the MOST darling butterball}

{We've also recently learned how to kick a ball. Lord help me}
{Nope, I won't do it, Dad}
{Love them both. So handsome}
{This one kills me. I had just told him, no, don't touch that. He glanced at me, smiled and grabbed it. How can you not laugh?}
{Look Camille....PANTS! This might be the first time all summer! ;) }
{The moment before he picked up the keyboard and ripped off the space bar}


Popsicles & Sidewalk Chalk

Cute, right?! Sidewalk chalk and popsicles on a warm afternoon. Drawing something precious for Daddy to see when he pulls in the driveway - his first piece of artwork. Great summer activity....for a 2 year old. If you mix popsicles, colorful sidewalk chalk, and an 11 month old you get a sticky 11 month old eating sidewalk chalk. I'm such a rookie.
We started with the popsicle. Adorable photos. He thought it was super delish and didn't mind that he was so sticky - I didn't either. Then we shifted to the sidewalk chalk which to Dean looks exactly like what he was just eating. Duh, Mom. The last photo is Dean with blue chalk all over his mouth. I couldn't get a great photo of his chalk face because I was to busy frantically scanning the chalk box for poison control information.
For now, the chalk will live in the garage. Maybe we'll pull it out next summer?



Michael has been playing on a church league basketball team this summer with his brother, dad and some guys from work. Last night we went to watch him play and it was a great game! Lots of fun and they came from behind for the win. After the game I insisted on getting a few pictures. I was only allowed to take 3 - and this is what I got. Maybe next time we'll bring some orange slices & Juicy Juice for half time.



Here are some recent photos. Enjoy!

{I bought a new pillow for Dean's room. Subliminal message? You betcha'. This will be the first phrase I teach him to read/say.}
{The deep love affair with Daddy continues. When asked, "where is Daddy?!" Dean retreats to his front window spot to wait for his old man to come home.}

{I got to attend a lovely bridal shower for the even more lovely Courtney Comeaux. Here's the blushing bride opening one of her many gifts.}
{Courtney and her sis, Erin, who happens to be a bride as well!}
{Our buddies from Little Gym, Ethan & Scotty, stopped by this week for a little play date. This is the oh-so-adorable Ethan and his Mama, Amalie. Love his smile!!!}
{Ethan & Amalie}
{Scotty & Dean had a little Cheerio eating contest. However, Scotty was unaware that this contest was taking place. Until, Dean began violently choking on the 92 Cheerios he had hoarded and then shoved into his mouth.}
{Scotty: Dude, slow down. My Mom has plenty more of these things.}
{Dean: Did I win?}
{Mr. Z - such a doll!}
{Impromptu snack time with Daddy in the hallway. Maybe this is why he likes Daddy more - he lets him eat off of the floor?!}
{We dropped by this afternoon to see Dean's Great-Grandpa, Poppa Brown}
{We loved the glass top coffee table. It's the simple things.}
{The dudes}


11 months

Yesterday was Dean's 11 month birthday. With all the prep for his big first birthday party there are these precious images that keep running through my head - a replay of the past 11 months. We have so much to celebrate this year.