Fieldtrips & Visitors

This week we took a field trip to see Poppa Brown. Poppa is my dad's dad. We had so much fun visiting with him!
Poppa, Dean & Big.
Spitting. See I told you, he spits all the time!
Sweet. This one make me miss my Grandma Brown. Wish she was still here to see her first Great-Grand baby.
We love Poppa!

We also had a recent visitor at our house...Uncle Jack. I would like to take this time to let all the single ladies know that yes, Jack is single. I'm just not sure if he's ready to mingle. In any case, if you're interested just email me and I can give you his cell number, direct work number, personal email and home address. Joking. We had fun when Uncle Jack took a stab at feeding Dean. He's a natural, ladies...well kinda. ;)

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