Cars 2

This weekend we took Dean to see his first movie - Cars 2! It was fun to see him experience watching a new movie in the theater. To my surprise, he never got really scared by the loud volume or the dark. Turns out, when you feed him Crunch n' Munch he'll do just about whatever you want him to. We lasted for about 1 hour of the movie and then went home for a nice long nap/sugar crash. Lots of fun! I'm still an original Cars fan - the sequel was lacking the fun music and funny characters. But, I'm sure we'll own this movie the day it comes out on video and it'll eventually grow on me.


Iphone Pictures

I've been so bad lately about taking out my camera and taking pictures. I DID get a few pictures of Dad's 28th backyard birthday celebration - see below. But, for the most part, I've been lazy. We have tons going on around here....new carpet (so fun!), trying to pick a paint color for Dean's new room, a new color for the nursery (because I'm SO SICK of the green color that's in there now), doc appointments, a wedding, a lake trip, swimming lessons etc... We're having lots of summer fun around here!

A baby boy #2 update: I had an OB appt today. I'm 17 weeks and all is well. Hallelujah! I started feeling him kick around 15 weeks (I didn't feel Dean until about 18-20 wks) and - drum roll please....I've only gained 3lbs so far! Double Hallelujah! Now, this could all change at my next visit but, for now, I'm enjoying this small victory and hoping this means I won't reach whale status by November. Healthy baby & not a ton of weight gain (yet) - best. news. ever.

Enjoy some recent pictures....

Enjoying the water slide until they got kicked off. :( Boo!
New carpet! You really had to live on the old stuff to truly appreciate the new stuff. So soft!
Water table in the shade.
Our little stop at BU a few weeks back. Love the sound of those bells!
Sipping a "Beet & Berry" smoothie. Sneaking in a veggie at every turn! :)
Lazy cartoon watching morning.

Daddy's Slip 'n Slide Birthday


A little quiz for you...

Alright folks, I have a little quiz for you. Don't get nervous - it's not hard. Promise. What do I now have in common with these ladies...

No, I've never shaved my head. Duh. Keep guessing.
No, no, no I haven't dyed my hair dark brown. Guess again.
Nope, I haven't started my own clothing line.
Nor, have I recorded any hit albums. Keep guessing.
And, no, you won't see me on any sitcoms in the near future.

Stumped? Alright, let's see if these pictures help you out at all....

Yep, that's right.
We're having ANOTHER BOY!

We actually found out this special little tidbit three weeks ago. The ultrasound tech told me she was 99% sure it was a boy. But, we wanted to wait for the "confirmation look" which was today. Plus, it's taken me about three weeks to get used to the idea of having TWO little boys - I was sure this was going to be my girl. But, when I heard the news again today I was really excited, and, of course, Michael was too!

I'm looking forward to having another healthy little boy to love and chase after.
He's a blessing for sure.


Big Boy Room

I have spent the last three weeks racking my brain and scouring the Internet trying to find ideas for Dean's big boy room. And FINALLY I stumbled across LayBabyLay. Just what I've been looking for!!!!! Joni's mood/inspiration boards are seriously amazing. Her "Steve McQueen Vintage" board is the direction I'm going for Dean's big boy room. It's the perfect marriage of what I love (cute, fun, non-matchy-matchy rooms that have some amazing art) and what Dean loves (Cars & Lightening McQueen). Perfection! Check out her site!!


Mommy & Dean's 2nd Annual Tour of Texas!

We're back! While Michael was "down under" last week we took off to visit some of our favorite people. We started the week in Fort Worth visiting my best college friends Jess & Marlo and we stopped by TCU to visit Uncle Carson too. Carson showed us around campus but, having visited Baylor a few times, Dean just wasn't that impressed with what TCU had to offer. But, he loved seeing his Uncle anyway. Dean also got to see baby Charlotte (Jess' daughter) and love on her for a few days. He was such a sweet boy and did nothing but give her hugs and kisses. This made mommy VERY happy! After a few days in Fort Worth we made our way to Austin but made a crucial stop at BAYLOR on the way! It was fun because campus was completely empty. We got to stretch our legs a bit, look at the bears, play in a new fountain and (of course) get some new Baylor gear at the bookstore. After a few days at the lake where we got to meet the cutest bulldog puppy we've every seen, we headed back home to pick up our favorite guy at the airport. We all spent most of the weekend recovering from our fun travels. I'm so glad we're all back under one roof!