Boating at Windy Point

This weekend we spent Friday night and Saturday in Austin. We boated, I wake boarded (somewhat successfully), Dean skinny dipped in the pool and I did not. We then traveled to Hamilton Texas for the Weber/Rankin wedding at the beautiful Argenta Ridge Ranch. I am so mad I don't have photos of us all at the wedding! I had too much to carry and the camera just had to stay at the hotel. But, it was such a wonderful wedding with good friends, family, food, fireworks, music and stunning scenery. Needless to say we are still recovering.
Having fun on the boat for the FIRST TIME! He wore his shark swimsuit with matching rash guard and hat. It'll be the last time he is able to wear that ensemble because when we finally got his noggin' through the neck hole he looked like he was wearing sausage casing. Far too tight. Then we had to put his life jacket on which didn't zip over his belly. Poor kid. He didn't seem to mind though.
The spread. Now we just need a boat!
My Dad dropped Michael's sunglasses in the water so he had to improvise.
Daddy & D driving the boat.
The Oasis.
Again with the spitting.
Laughing with Peach.
This was one of many attempts to get the boat into the boat slip. To the right of the boat dock there is a no wake area where people scuba dive and the wind was throwing the boat all over the place! Michael has serious boat maneuvering skills!

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  1. You make me laugh..I love that his swim gear was too tight:) Sounds like a fun weekend!