Halloween and Baby #2

Here's our little Sheriff! He was SO adorable I don't even know what to do with myself. We didn't do a lot of trick-or-treating this year. Three houses. Two were the grandparents. But, he enjoyed himself and actually made it home with a TON of candy. Ah, the life of the only grandchild! He's had a really good run. Next year we'll do more for sure.

A little baby #2 update:

We're scheduled for an induction on 11/11/11! (if we make it to friday) We're getting geared up around here. And by "we" I really mean me. Lots of laundry, charging of camera batteries, packing of bags, freezing of meals, stocking of shelves and general house cleaning. Meanwhile, Daddy is spending his weekend on the couch with a little stomach bug and Dean is recovering from a nasty cold. Not ideal but, we are grateful that our parents are so close and SO HELPFUL! We love them and appreciate them more than they know!

I'm also so grateful for such a sweet, loving, happy and adaptable 2-year-old! Dean, I love you and adore you and thank you for hanging in there with Mommy, even when she's big and fat and doesn't want to do anything fun. Even when she can't bend down comfortably to play trains with you. And, especially when her patience is running thin. I'm sorry and I love you. You are the best and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Baby #2 is getting bigger everyday (praise the Lord!), kicking my right side non-stop and moving around every time he hears his big brother yell, talk or play....which is a lot. :) I'm so excited to introduce Dean and the baby. What a moment that will be. Wow. Please keep us in your prayers this week. Specific prayer requests for a safe and healthy delivery and baby AND for a speedy and full recovery of Daddy & Dean so everyone is on their game by Friday!

See you soon!


Lions & Tigers & FROGS! Oh my!

This morning was Dean's Noah's Ark Parade at school. (We borrowed the adorable frog costume from a sweet friend! Thanks Alix!) I was about 98% sure he'd throw a fit when I tried to dress him in it, and he didn't disappoint. I handed the costume to his teacher and said, "you can TRY to put it on him but, I'm not sure he's going to go for it."

I took my place in the lobby along the parade route and waited for my little guy to come out dressed as himself. But, apparently there was some magic teacher voodoo that happened because Dean rolled out fully dressed in the costume. EVEN in the hat. I was dying. I don't know how they did it?!

He was such a cutie pie and I got some great shots of our frog!


Happy Fall!

Dean: 25 mos. (completely uninterested in having his picture taken with Mommy)
Mom: 28 years (slightly tired of carrying a pumpkin under her shirt all day)
Baby Boy #2: 35 weeks (almost ready for his big debut!)
Daddy: 28 years (not pictured but, also very ready to meet his second son)


I'm Back...

"I'm back," probably isn't the BEST title for this post because:

A) I physically never left.
B) I'm getting more pregnant by the minute and, let's be honest, mentally I'm more than a bit checked out.
C) This is just my half-hearted-I-feel-guilty-for-not-posting-in-over-a-month post.

If that doesn't get you excited to read the rest of my post...well, sorry.

But, we have had a whole stinkin' lot going on. Since my last post we hosted a Baylor couples weekend at the lake, I co-hosted a bridal shower, my brother got married, my first born turned 2, and started Mother's Day Out, AND went to his first dentist appointment. Oh, and I turned 28 and entered my 3rd trimester somewhere in there, as well. There's been a lot of activity which also means a lot of excuses NOT to blog. But, I'm going to give myself a break on this one...I'll save my usual mom-guilt and harsh self-criticism for another day.

NOW for a little photo dump to get you up-to-speed:

This was our 2011 Baylor lake crew. They are all so much fun and such a blessing. We only wished we all lived closer to each other.
Our big 2-year-old! We got him a train table this year and it is by far his FAVORITE gift. Yippee for Thomas!
First day of Mother's Day Out. It was just like everyone tells you. The first day's drop-off is rough on the little one and Mom. The second day? You're there 10 minutes early to drop-off and you're racing out the door to enjoy your new found freedom. Yes, we BOTH love MDO. (Isn't he the cutest little stinker!?)
9-9-11 started out with a birthday breakfast and play session at Chik-fil-a with our main man, Scotty.
After breakfast we headed to the Children's Museum with Scotty and played and played and PLAYED! They had so much fun.
We opened lots of gifts and blew out candles with Ya-Ya and "Days."
We then opened MORE gifts and blew out MORE candles with Peach, Big, Nanny & Poppa Brown. Most spoiled grandchild in America? I think so.
Celebrated our wonderful Daddy at "Dads and Donuts Day" at school.
Still loving our swim lessons. And still mastering our skills on the big slide.
Dean's first dentist visit. Completely hysterical. Start to finish.
Ya, I'm in the home stretch. This is one of those moments you hear the picture sound go off on your phone and then immediately hear your husband giggling like a girl. Dork.
Here is our littlest guy. We have (finally) decided on a name and we're looking forward to meeting him VERY soon! :)
And, here are my two handsome dates for my brother's wedding.