yet another bold move toward being a big boy

Me: Hi, this is Dean. And, he needs a haircut. Well, not really a haircut, just a little trim.....I don't like to call it a hair-CUT.

Barber: Ok.

Me: Really though, don't cut his curls off. Seriously, I cried the last time someone did that. It was a disaster. He looked like he was 3 or 4 and really he's not even 2, yet. Well, he'll be 2 in a month but, you get the picture, right?

Barber: (odd look) Yes, ma'am.

Me: I like it longer. You know not too short or anything. MAYBE, like a 1/4"-1/2" off. (I grab a piece of his hair between my fingers to show him specifically what that looks like to me)

Barber: Yes, ma'am. The curls are staying. Mom likes the curls. Hey, big man. Hop up here and let's do this thing.

Me: Well, ACTUALLY (the barber picks him up and places him in the chair) he likes to sit in my lap during his haircuts. He gets nervous and really doesn't like the clippers. (At this point the smock is on and the dum-dum is in his mouth) I'd hate to cause a scene.

Barber: Are you sure about that, mom? I think he's going to do it all by himself today.

Me: (in my head) All by himself?! ALL BY HIMSELF? TODAY? Well, I'll give it 30 more seconds and then I'm sure he'll remember how much he hates those clippers around his ears. THEN he'll need me. For sure. No doubt. He'll need me.

(Insert video of Dean doing just fine with clippers here)

Barber: Man, this is big-boy-stylin' today. Mom, he's really doing great.

Me: He sure is. Go Dean. Big-boy-style. woo-woo.

Me: (in my head) He's doing great without me. That IS good but, I also want him to cry. And need me. And he doesn't anymore. Great. Am I going to cry? Oh my goodness, I'm going to cry. This is a moment. Hold it in. Suck it in.

Barber: How am I doing mom? You ok with the look we've got goin' over here?

Me: No, I'm not. Wait, ummm, ya-ya lookin' good. Lookin' good.

He's killing me softly, folks.


Recent Firsts

Dean's First Astros Game! It was definitely way to early for him to truly enjoy a baseball game but, we had great seats & thought he might enjoy a hot dog. And ice cream. And he did. The game? Not so much. He did get a kick out of the big choo-choo train though. He also enjoyed tooting and stinking up our seating area so badly that I'm sure those around us found it difficult to believe that those smells came out of a little boy and not his big pregnant mom. We left during the third inning. Maybe next year?

Dean's first sno-cone. This was a slam dunk. There was not a lot of talking. Not much movement. Just spoon to mouth, spoon to mouth.

I was (finally) able to finish my first commissioned painting for Jo & her husband! Thanks, Jo, (if you're reading) for your patience with this new artist. Painting for someone else adds much more pressure - but, I did enjoy creating a piece for some one's home. It is now in the process of being crated & shipped to it's new home in Australia! Yippee!
Dean's last time sleeping in his crib and first time sleeping in his big boy bed happened last week. I cried. I cried while I was reading him bedtime stories in his big boy bed. Michael had to come fill in because I was getting super emotional - and Dean couldn't understand why reading Elmo was making me sad. I couldn't help it. He's almost 2, he's moved on from the crib, he's starting mother's day out, I bought him a lunch box this past weekend...it's all kind of happening at once and it takes me by surprise. Everyone tells you the grow up fast but, they REALLY DO! The transition has tapped me out. The first night he was out and back in bed (I counted) 84 times. I had back spasms the next day. But, here we are on week two and we've made serious improvement. He was only out of bed twice last night! I went with the Super Nanny method. There is probably a great book out there I should have read but, I just decided to go for it. The funny thing is I thought getting him to nap in his crib was tough. I know when he starts potty training I'll laugh and say, "Whew, and I thought the big boy bed was hard!" I have a sneaking suspicion that these transitions aren't going to get easier. (eek, I just mentally pictured him moving into his college dorm. I must stop. I'm tearing up.)