Pray for Stevie

Please take a moment right now to PRAY FOR STEVIE! Stevie is undergoing surgery TODAY for a brain tumor. She needs your prayers. Read her story....


Just another weekend in the burbs

Here are some highlights from our weekend!
Dean is now standing unassisted for short periods of time. Geez, wasn't he born yesterday!? Where has the time gone?
Opening & closing doors is a new hobby. Stay tuned for a pinched finger photo - that is the next logical event in my mind.
Oh these eyes.
It's all about the food. Clearly, I was not moving quickly enough!
Long but still adorably chubby legs.
We broke out the new water mat in the backyard. Thanks Peach!
The water mat deserves a clap.
The golfers got a little clap too.
And finally, the crab pool gets a clap.



D & I have not been feeling 100% this week. Which is why I haven't been posting much recently. Now that we are both on the mend here is a photo from my first Mother's Day. I haven't posted this one yet because it took me so long to airbrush myself. No makeup = lots of work in photoshop. I'll be posting some more later! Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


Diaper Changing

This is what I look like while trying to change D's diaper lately. click here


Standing Up

Well, things have gone from zero to sixty in about 5 days. We've gone from trying to crawl to crawling and straight into pulling up and standing up. Freaky. I tried to start baby proofing the house today but I still cannot find anything to cover the edges and corners of our enormous - but oh-soooo-beautiful - coffee table. All of my art, fashion and photography books are slowly being relocated. I'm trying to think of it as a design challenge. Certainly someone out there has written a book about chic baby proof decor!? ugh. Well, my back is killing me and my eye is twitching from constantly flinching and sprinting to catch Dean before he busts his little noggin' on something. The twitch is probably going to last until he is 35...maybe longer. Goodnight.


My First Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my boys. The most amazing gift I received was watching my little man crawl, clap and pull up all weekend long. He has turned into a little mover almost overnight. Which has called attention to the importance of baby proofing the house. However, I think it might be cheaper and less time consuming to just wrap him in bubble wrap and let him go. Enjoy the photos...
{ Pulling up! }
{ When Dean gets excited he bangs on any surface available and says, "oooohh!" It reminds me of a monkey. I'll try and get it on video. }
{ Mama's precious baby. }
{ When he crawls, he's all business. Furrowed brow, squinty eyes and full of determination. Not to be confused with the face he makes while pooping. }
{ Spontaneous clapping. Not sure yet what makes something/someone deserving of a clap? }

{ Hi Daddy! }

{ Mama's shoes look delicious. }
{ Everyone should get a taste of chocolate on Mother's Day. }
{ Grandpa Dave heard that Dean liked chocolate so he wanted to know if he liked pink icing too. Surprise, surprise. He loved it! }
{ I have introduced Dean to chicken recently and this is what happens when it hits his tongue. Full-on gag. He repeats this with every single bite. I have tried tons of different chicken mixtures and I get the same reaction each time. It's funny for about the first 3 bites. }


Mother's Day Preview

Here's a little preview of our Mother's Day weekend. There was a lot of this going on...
More to come.



Today I took 1 and 1/2 hours for myself and went to see Corinne at Facade. Corinne did my makeup for my wedding and every other important event since then. She is so fun. She is the fabulous kind of southern girl who uses phrases like, "this color will totally bitch-out your eye." Corinne works in a cloud of powders and potions and has her own makeup language. She also has her own makeup line. She's named glosses, lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows names like: toots! and pussytoes. She is a girly-girl to put it mildly and I love her. I got a "summer update" and I walked away with so many fun new colors and techniques (thanks to the generous Christmas gift card from mom & dad). It made me feel like a new woman. Now, I wish I had somewhere to go....


Baby Pool

To all my neighbors:
Yes, it is a baby pool. Yes, it is shaped like a crab. And yes, it is in our front yard. (we wait for daddy to come home in the front yard) Look, mama needs a tan and the baby needs a change of scenery. Stop with all the dirty looks. I put it away at night. But, if I get one more sideways glance from y'all it will become permanent yard art. Seriously. Try me.


Me & D

We had another fun weekend in Austin (yes, again) with family and friends. Michael managed to pry my camera away from me to take a couple of shots of (gasp) ME and my son. My mom also snapped a few with her iPhone. I am so grateful they both caught some of these mom/son moments. I will treasure these photos one day when Dean has to change MY diaper. Sick. Just kidding. Try to enjoy the photos...
Blue water and blue eyes.

This could be one of the only pictures EVER TAKEN of my child not smiling and he just had to save that frown for a picture with his mom?! Throw me a bone man...it's almost Mother's Day

My oldest and dearest childhood friend, Caroline Babb. SO nice to see her & her parents!