State of the Union

My sentiments exactly.


Mixed Bag

Keepin' it classy. Thanks Uncle Jack!



I decided it was time for a video from the file marked "video I swore I would never show to anyone." This particular clip is right after I had Dean. Travis, Jack, my grandparents, parents and in-laws were all there to see him. This was the "rookie pass-off." The two new uncles handing off their nephew. Please notice me in the background with the gigantic blue headband, glassy eyes & and general exhausted/drugged/sick look. And everyone wonders why I didn't post hospital pictures! I can't believe this was nearly 5 months ago. Sadly, I still look the exact same.


Catch Up

So true.
Please notice that my son is now sporting the Kate Gosselin "do." This is, of course, pre-extensions. He wears it much better.
This is how we sleep now. Very dramatic.
Daddy & D and Gracie at the lake!
Ready for Valentine's Day!
Mom, I'm watching football. Can you grab me a bottle? - Dean
My Hello Cupcake onsie from Aunt Amy. Now if only he could EAT a cupcake.

Well...it has been a bit since my last post. I have lots to catch you up on but I must type fast...Dean could wake up any minute. Here it goes....

Our 4 month check up went great. Dean looks like he is going to be a big person - those are the doctor's words, not mine.
Length = 27 1/4" - 95%
Weight = 19lbs. - 95%
Michael calls after our appointments and wants our "parent report card."

- What did she say? Are we doing ok?

- Ya. She said he looks good.

- Well, did you ask her about that rash? Are we doing something wrong?

- She said it's normal and that he's really pale so it looks worse.

- So we get like a C- on rash care. What else did she say?

- Nothing. She said she'll see us in 2 months.

- That's it? I feel like she should be telling us more.

- Like what?

- Well, we work so hard taking care of him. She should tell us good job or something?!

He makes me laugh.

Dean and I also started our Tiny Tots & Tunes class at Second Baptist Church. It is pretty hysterical. Dean is the youngest baby in the whole program (whoops, I think I might have rushed it a little). Despite his age he really enjoys the class. He pays no attention to HIS mommy who is singing, moo-ing, barking, cock-a-doodle-do-ing, meow-ing, playing with finger puppets and getting way too excited about bubbles. No. He loves to watch everyone else and their mommies. Typical dude.

We took a quick trip to the lake this past weekend with my parents. We had lots of fun!

Enjoy the photos! Must run!


Boat Show

Today we loaded up early and met my family at the Boat Show in Houston. It was the Brown family's first boat show - Michael is the only one with any boating experience. I'm pretty certain everyone knew we were rookies after I decided to jump on a jet ski that was sitting on a trailer. The front end of the trailer popped up and the back end nearly hit the ground. I quickly hopped off and looked over at my husband who was looking at the floor and slowly shaking his head. Woops. I'll know better next year.
I caught a few photos of Dean, "Peach" and "Big" before we left. If you don't know, Peach is my mom and Big is my dad. The entire nine months I was pregnant they went back and forth trying to think of the perfect names for Dean to call them. And that's what they came up with. I'm not sure if the names will stick or not. We'll see.
We have our four month check-up this weeks so stay tuned for the stats.

Hope everyone is staying warm!


Adam Nyholt

Adam was kind enough (and smart) to send me some low resolution images from our shoot so I could slap them ALL OVER my blog. :) Hopefully, some good advertising! He was so fantastic to work with. He read my mind and knew exactly the look I was going for. He even came up with some very creative backdrops - I never would have thought to use our coffee table! He also designed our Christmas card which turned out amazing! Thanks Adam!!!!!!!!!!


Hair, Hair Everywhere....literally.

One of those special little things that no one tells you about being pregnant is that you shed like a Labrador after the baby comes. And, I'm not talking about a few extra hairs falling out after a shampoo....I mean your hair literally falls out all day and all night. There are tumbleweeds the size of my son rolling around our house. It is disgusting. It has gotten so bad I had to go buy a new vacuum yesterday. Yes folks, a new vacuum. I have been reluctant to share this story because it makes me gag (still) but, I figure it will be a little heads up to those of you about to have babies. So....heads up.
After Christmas our good friends the Carrs came by for dinner. Being the wannabe domestic goddess that I am I whipped up a turkey roast for dinner. I was rather proud of this roast until my adoring husband announced (while chewing the delicious turkey roast) that there was a hair in his mouth. He then proceeded to pull out a long, light brown hair with small deposits of food on it. I tried to play it off....."Dear God. Whose hair is that?" But, as I turned twelve shades of red I quickly realized I was fooling no one. I wanted to crawl under the table and die. The Carrs were SUCH good sports. They choked down the remaining turkey roast on their plates and gave me the sweet, "Mmmm, delicious" line as we were clearing the table. Thanks guys. After our guests had gone I asked Michael if that ever happened again to please, PLEASE spit it out in his napkin and give me a hard time later or just swallow it - I am sure he has swallowed a tumbleweed or two by now. Disgusting. And if that wasn't enough we also use our dining room table as a changing table. That's right, I am never going to have a dinner guest EVER AGAIN. So if you would like to dine with the Feiglesons....just meet us somewhere for Mexican food.
I must run. Dean is crying. I am afraid one of my hairballs has grown arms and is strangling him.


Yea for Courtney & Quoc!

Our good friends Courtney and Quoc recently became engaged and dropped by to visit us so we could check out the RING and congratulate them! We had a wonderful meal and got to catch up which is always fun! Dr. Quoc took a liking to Dean and pretty much held him all evening which is why I only have pictures of Dean & Quoc! Sorry Court...next time! We love it when they visit us and we really can't wait until they get married and move back to Houston. ;)

Our NYE was pretty uneventful. We hung out at home and played with Dean. Here are some recent photos.