Halloween Preview

All the Halloween parties have begun and we have a little blue monster and a baby skeleton running around our house - 1 costume for warm weather and the other for cold weather. Here's a little preview. I'll be posting more soon. Happy Halloween to everyone!


Haircuts & Homecomings

Pardon my short blogging break. I've had double ear infections and a sinus infection for the past week. However, I seem to be on the mend. Despite being under the weather we still have had quite a few things going on. Aunt Amy, the Auburn Tiger, came home for a visit - we always love to see her! Dean got his first haircut, and we went to Baylor Homecoming! GO BEARS! Here are a few snapshots. Enjoy!

Aunt Amy & Dean (this is pre-haircut)
First haircut with Sonny. Sonny has done my hair since I was 12 so it's only fitting that he cut Dean's hair for the first time!
After a small meltdown Dean recovered nicely with the help of some chocolate cookies. And his new do is so precious!
We met up with the Dotson family in Waco. Here is our little crew heading to the tailgate. We rolled up with our babies and strollers to tailgate with all the students. Total buzz kill for that crowd. But, we always have fun the Stephen, Katie & Knox!
I got a chance to see my darling and very pregnant friend, Natalie! She looks fantastic and we can't wait to meet her daughter, Jules!
This man's boots are, in a word, divine. And, his wife's green track suit and big gold necklace were pretty dang cute too! I think this is what Michael and I will look like at homecoming in 30 years. Except I will be wearing the boots & a necklace and Michael will be wearing the green track suit of some kind.


A few videos

Here is some recent footage. The first is Dean saying Mama after waking up from his nap. This is his new favorite word and I LOVE it!

This little clip was taken last weekend. We took a trip to Toys R'Us to spend the last of Dean's birthday money. He came home with hokey pokey Elmo and a few other things. Elmo is the clear favorite.


Uncle Carson

Uncle Carson's fall break was this past week/weekend so he came to town for a little visit. Dean wore his TCU football jersey in honor of his Uncle's return home. However, Dean told me when we got in the car that he didn't like purple (it washes him out) or frogs and to please take it off of him and put a Baylor shirt on. He said that he looks a lot better in Baylor green and that bears are way cooler (and more ferocious). This is all paraphrased of course, but you get the picture. Sic'em Bears!



We took Dean to MDUMC's annual pumpkin patch this weekend! Last year he was itty bitty and this year he's walking around & picking up small pumpkins (and throwing them). My how time flies.



We've been out and about trying to enjoy every minute of this gorgeous weather! We took an Austin trip, we went to the Houston Zoo and we spent an afternoon at Dewberry Farm. Lots of fun and lots of pictures.

{Just another beautiful day on the lake}
{OMG moment at the zoo}
{Loving the slide at Dewberry Farm}
{He wasn't so sure about the goats at the farm}


More Birthday Details!

Since I did such a BAD job at documenting my son's first birthday party here is a little peek at some of the things that Lauren at Letters by Lauren helped me out with. I was super please with all the fun things she designed! Thanks, Lauren!