Mommy Calling Cards

The "pre-Dean me," who was thinner and never concerned with the bowel movements of another human being would have thought mommy calling cards were utterly ridiculous. Oh how motherhood changes you. I recently found myself fumbling around for a piece of paper and pen in my purse/diaper bag so I could give my phone number and email to another mom that I met. Ha. I am lucky to get out of the house with my wallet, a couple diapers and a pacifier why on earth did I think I would actually have a pen and paper!? This incident got me searching for some calling cards. Luckily, I jumped on Esty.com and found the talented Laura Beth at Happy Girl Greetings . (side note: I've always wanted to have two names like Sarah Elizabeth or Mary Liz - those are the girls that ALWAYS won the Silver M's at Camp Mystic) Laura Beth helped me design my calling cards and I think they turned out fantastic. I can't wait to start handing them out! Laura Beth also does invitations, moving announcements, business cards, birth announcements, stationary and recipe cards. Check her out!

I went a bit overboard and decided that Dean needed his own "play date cards." I ordered these on Felix Doolittle. Very cute and you can customize what drawing you want on the card. A fun gift idea.

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  1. Those are the most precious little cards ever! I've never heard of mommy (and son) calling cards, but that idea is amazing!