7 months

Here's a quick video of where we are on our quest to crawl. Dean just turned 7 months and is trying his hardest to get the hang of it. Just LOOK at those chiseled arms and legs. He's ready for bathing suit season!

A few other new 7 month activities...
- face first diving expeditions in the bathtub. this scares the pants off of mom & dad.
- spitting. all. the. time.
- trying to pull out his own hair. this one bothers me more than a little bit.
- pulling out the remaining portion of my hair.
- squirming, jiving, wiggling, squiggling and fidgeting all the time.
- grabbing, reaching for and picking up any object that isn't nailed down. and subsequently placing said object into his precious little pie hole.
- chewing on his toes.
- crying every time Clement, the nice greeter at HEB, gives us a balloon. can't figure this one out. but by the time we're at the apples he's chill.
- fake coughing. demonstrated in the video above.
- laughing and smiling at everyone he meets - except for Clement. poor Clement.
- letting mom & dad brush my two new teeth.
- bringing immeasurable amounts of joy, happiness, smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses and fun to our family. this is not new but definitely worth mentioning again.

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  1. What a precious little boy! I still can't believe how much he is growing! Looks like he will be crawling any day!! :)