MORE Video

Folks, the still images just aren't doing justice to hysterics going on around our house! So, here is a fun new video. Mr. D has decided the best way to let me know that he doesn't want to nap is banging on the wall next to his crib. Delightful.

And this is the sweetest video of all time - the perfect end to Michael's first Father's Day. I love watching Michael be a Dad. He is SO good at it. He comes home everyday with a smile and tons of energy. He's always ready to play and help me out. We love him so much and count the minutes until he gets home everyday. LOVE YOU!


Wild Man

I haven't been so great at getting the camera out. However, I did take some recent flip video. I don't know what's going on but lately Dean has been an absolute WILD MAN. In Little Gym this week we were borderline disruptive - screaming, clapping, talking, smiling, laughing, crawling toward the teacher while she was talking. He also has a new "move." I think it's an attempt at dancing - he rocks back & forth on his bottom while scrunching up his face and nose, all while smiling and breathing/panting. He is cracking us up. This video doesn't begin to capture the extent of his new wild attitude - he's a little lamb in this video compared to some of his recent moments.


Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger. I blame my lack of posts on the fact that I am currently in the decorating/party planning/trying to keep D from splitting his head open on every solid object in sight mode. Decorating is coming along very slowly because it must be done on my "free" time which I don't have a lot of. Same with party planning. And, I spend much of my days racing, darting, sprinting and running to catch our little guy before his head comes into contact with yet another inanimate object.

Unfortunately, we have had two pretty nasty spills as of late. In his first daredevil stunt he pulled up on a bar stool which promptly came crashing down on top of him. Tears. Blunt force trauma to the head and face. Crying. It was nasty. Number two happened on Monday morning during an impromptu bath. He tried to stand up in the bath, and just as I was trying to grab him his precious little face hit the side of the tub. Blood. Fat lip. Tears. Screaming. Mother of the year, I know.

So, since Dean looks like he has been in a bar fight and I have developed twitch today is the first day we have ventured out in public. I will try and get my camera out again soon so I have something to share with everyone!


9 month check up

Welp, today was our little man's 9 month check up. A rare doctor's visit because everyone left with a smile. No shots - YEA! Dean seems to be right on track with developmental milestones and is tipping the scales once again. The doctor said to me after reviewing his stats, "He will be a formidable competitor." We're are just pleased that he is a healthy, happy boy. However, this does explain why my arms look like I have been juicing...and I don't mean squeezing my own orange juice.

Height = 31 1/4" (100%)
Weight= 25 lbs 120z (100%)
Head Circ = 18 1/2" (90%)

I am now beginning to look toward Dean's BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Yea! We've got our theme, date & place all picked out. I have also begun to work with Lauren at Letters by Laurenon our invitations - she's awesome. Here's a little sneak peak...


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Michael's 27th birthday! Thanks for being a fantastic daddy and amazing husband. We love you so much and couldn't live without you!



It has been non-stop action around here lately. This past week we have been to the Children's Museum, The Little Gym, the big gym (that's mommy's gym), a little league baseball game, riding on the boat in Austin, dinners with friends & family, swimming, swimming and more swimming. AND to top it all off Dean's got a top tooth coming in and he's is now standing up unassisted. Here are a few pictures and a little video for you. We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Dean & Hunter at The Children's Museum
Precious Hunter!
Little Drummer Boys
The Little Gym
Peach came for The Little Gym experience and got to see D shamelessly flirt.
Singing and clapping
A little QT with Uncle Carson
Remotes are delicious everywhere we go!
Reading with Aunt Amy at the condo in Austin
Not sure what the caption should be for this one, Uncle Jack.
Daddy & D swimming at the lake!