Weekend Part Dos - Champagne & Dirty Diapers

¨Not sure why I've been taking photos of the trash lately? Michael thinks it's weird and gross. Maybe I should see someone about it? At the conclusion of our weekend in ATX our trash can definitely said, "They came. They had fun. And, they have babies." Champagne and dirty diapers. Some things change but some things will always remain the same I guess.

It was a great weekend! Some of the highlights were dinner at Steiner Ranch, shopping with the girls, golf for the big boys, the hot tub, Walker and Dean meeting each other and catching up with wonderful friends. We always have fun with the Brewers and Zolfos. If only they lived closer!


Weekend Part Uno - Waco

It's Wednesday and I am just NOW getting to load and flip through all of our weekend pictures! We had so much fun - I think I might STILL be recovering.
Last Thursday we made a pilgrimage to BU for SING. This was the first time that we had been back since our graduation in 2006. I know. It has been too long. I totally underestimated how glad I would be to see our good 'ole Baylor again.
After lunching with my younger brother Travis, who is also a Baylor Bear, we headed for campus. I was hell bent on taking a family photo in the exact spot where Michael proposed to me! It would be a full circle moment. The nicest young man, who was on his way to class, offered to take a picture of us on that special bench in front of Pat Neff. There was a split second where I thought, "Is he going to run off with our camera?! I could grab his backpack and pull him down to the ground if he starts to run..." OF COURSE NOT SARAH...we're at Baylor, not standing in Time Square. Another reason I love Baylor.

After we got our big shot we headed to the hotel to get ready for SING! Michael's fraternity brother, Matt Zolfo, was a guest judge for the evening so we tagged along with the Zolfo's, who were nice enough to get us in for free. Thanks guys! (Side note: I feel like we always tag along with the Zolfos & the Brewers. We're like leaches. Great.) Dean did pretty well during SING. He loved watching the girl acts the best because they had all the sparkles and color. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

More to come on our fun weekend. Stay tuned....

PS- While visiting, I also used Trav's student discount to buy Photoshop. Oh how I've missed it. So, from this day forward I will be messing with all of my pictures...when I have the time.


Casualties of a Past Life

2010 A.D. (that's After Dean) lots of things have changed. Clearly. I drive slower, eat faster, wipe someone else's behind and I no longer have the time to pour over my magazines like I used to. This is a December issue of something that I made myself part with this morning. It had been taunting me for months. Sitting there, all glossy and full of great stuff. I'm just not going to get to it. Sorry magazines, we have to break-up for a while. I've found someone else.




I'm sure this won't deeply affect the day to day lives of many people BUT...my blog is OFFICIALLY under construction. (gasp) The very talented and web savvy Wynne has inspired me to do an overhaul. You should check out her fab new blog - http://elderadventures.blogspot.com/ You will be dazzled, no doubt. Check back with me in a few days? weeks? months? There is really no telling just how long this is going to take me. Wish me luck!

PS- A big thanks to Wynne (already!) who has helped me transition to a 3-column layout. It didn't take me too long and her hints were oh-so-helpful. GRACIAS!


Little Project

This past week I have been working on our entry hall. I ordered a bench last November and it came in this Monday. And I (finally) framed all of the beautiful photos by Adam Nyholt. I now love coming in the door. The house is really feeling finished. YEA! Just in time to move. :) Anyone interested in moving to Katy?




Daddy is the best!
He's always behind me.
He guides me.
He loves me. And I love him!