Catch Up

So true.
Please notice that my son is now sporting the Kate Gosselin "do." This is, of course, pre-extensions. He wears it much better.
This is how we sleep now. Very dramatic.
Daddy & D and Gracie at the lake!
Ready for Valentine's Day!
Mom, I'm watching football. Can you grab me a bottle? - Dean
My Hello Cupcake onsie from Aunt Amy. Now if only he could EAT a cupcake.

Well...it has been a bit since my last post. I have lots to catch you up on but I must type fast...Dean could wake up any minute. Here it goes....

Our 4 month check up went great. Dean looks like he is going to be a big person - those are the doctor's words, not mine.
Length = 27 1/4" - 95%
Weight = 19lbs. - 95%
Michael calls after our appointments and wants our "parent report card."

- What did she say? Are we doing ok?

- Ya. She said he looks good.

- Well, did you ask her about that rash? Are we doing something wrong?

- She said it's normal and that he's really pale so it looks worse.

- So we get like a C- on rash care. What else did she say?

- Nothing. She said she'll see us in 2 months.

- That's it? I feel like she should be telling us more.

- Like what?

- Well, we work so hard taking care of him. She should tell us good job or something?!

He makes me laugh.

Dean and I also started our Tiny Tots & Tunes class at Second Baptist Church. It is pretty hysterical. Dean is the youngest baby in the whole program (whoops, I think I might have rushed it a little). Despite his age he really enjoys the class. He pays no attention to HIS mommy who is singing, moo-ing, barking, cock-a-doodle-do-ing, meow-ing, playing with finger puppets and getting way too excited about bubbles. No. He loves to watch everyone else and their mommies. Typical dude.

We took a quick trip to the lake this past weekend with my parents. We had lots of fun!

Enjoy the photos! Must run!

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