Yea for Courtney & Quoc!

Our good friends Courtney and Quoc recently became engaged and dropped by to visit us so we could check out the RING and congratulate them! We had a wonderful meal and got to catch up which is always fun! Dr. Quoc took a liking to Dean and pretty much held him all evening which is why I only have pictures of Dean & Quoc! Sorry Court...next time! We love it when they visit us and we really can't wait until they get married and move back to Houston. ;)

Our NYE was pretty uneventful. We hung out at home and played with Dean. Here are some recent photos.


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  1. Hey Sarah!

    Just wanted you to know I LOVE reading your blog! I can't believe how BIG Dean is getting! He is too cute for words...

    Paigey is due sometime in the next 2 weeks. As I'm sure you can imagine, she is pretty anxious! (as are we!) I'll keep you guys posted and let you know when little P gets here!

    Talk to you soon,