Boat Show

Today we loaded up early and met my family at the Boat Show in Houston. It was the Brown family's first boat show - Michael is the only one with any boating experience. I'm pretty certain everyone knew we were rookies after I decided to jump on a jet ski that was sitting on a trailer. The front end of the trailer popped up and the back end nearly hit the ground. I quickly hopped off and looked over at my husband who was looking at the floor and slowly shaking his head. Woops. I'll know better next year.
I caught a few photos of Dean, "Peach" and "Big" before we left. If you don't know, Peach is my mom and Big is my dad. The entire nine months I was pregnant they went back and forth trying to think of the perfect names for Dean to call them. And that's what they came up with. I'm not sure if the names will stick or not. We'll see.
We have our four month check-up this weeks so stay tuned for the stats.

Hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. How darling! Margot has decided to call Jeff's mom "Grambat" and his dad "Grandaibouuk" (not sure on the spelling). I hope Peach and Big stick . Those are cute names.

  2. sarah - thanks for the comment! oh yes we for sure went to baylor together - me and all my friends just thought you were (well still are!) beautiful. girl crush much? did we really go to mystic together? did you go 3rd term? yes I was a TONK! I need to jog my memory....we were in a cabin together? love it! oh wow and Dean is precious!!!