Hair, Hair Everywhere....literally.

One of those special little things that no one tells you about being pregnant is that you shed like a Labrador after the baby comes. And, I'm not talking about a few extra hairs falling out after a shampoo....I mean your hair literally falls out all day and all night. There are tumbleweeds the size of my son rolling around our house. It is disgusting. It has gotten so bad I had to go buy a new vacuum yesterday. Yes folks, a new vacuum. I have been reluctant to share this story because it makes me gag (still) but, I figure it will be a little heads up to those of you about to have babies. So....heads up.
After Christmas our good friends the Carrs came by for dinner. Being the wannabe domestic goddess that I am I whipped up a turkey roast for dinner. I was rather proud of this roast until my adoring husband announced (while chewing the delicious turkey roast) that there was a hair in his mouth. He then proceeded to pull out a long, light brown hair with small deposits of food on it. I tried to play it off....."Dear God. Whose hair is that?" But, as I turned twelve shades of red I quickly realized I was fooling no one. I wanted to crawl under the table and die. The Carrs were SUCH good sports. They choked down the remaining turkey roast on their plates and gave me the sweet, "Mmmm, delicious" line as we were clearing the table. Thanks guys. After our guests had gone I asked Michael if that ever happened again to please, PLEASE spit it out in his napkin and give me a hard time later or just swallow it - I am sure he has swallowed a tumbleweed or two by now. Disgusting. And if that wasn't enough we also use our dining room table as a changing table. That's right, I am never going to have a dinner guest EVER AGAIN. So if you would like to dine with the Feiglesons....just meet us somewhere for Mexican food.
I must run. Dean is crying. I am afraid one of my hairballs has grown arms and is strangling him.

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  1. We loved the turkey roast! In fact I really do want to get the recipe from you, who knows maybe the hair was the special touch it needed. Love you guys!