iphone pictures

I'm finally ready to upgrade to the iPhone 4. So, I've been making sure all my precious pictures have been safely retrieved from my current iPhone. I've had this phone for a long time! Here are some of the places we've been together.

NYC with the hubby.
An amazing trip to Italy - so glad we did this together before we had a baby.
A trip to Las Ventanas with some family & friends. Still my favorite place on the earth.
A work trip to Taiwan...
...and Xiamen...
..and Hong Kong...
...I really loved Hong Kong.
Another trip to see and work with one of our factories in El Salvador.
A trip to the hospital. (the most important picture on my phone)
A trip to Michigan.
A fun trip to the Dallas Aquarium with friends.
A day trip to Lubbock for a body scan - for fit model work.
And a memorable trip to get D's hair cut...more like chopped off.

Even though we've been together for a while, I'm not sad to trade it in for the newer model. I can't wait for flash photography & video! Plus, Dean splattered ranch dressing on it today at lunch and I can't seem to get it completely clean. So, now I get a wiff of ranch when I hold it up to my ear.

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