better late than never

Here's our Christmas update....(late, I know.)
Dean's early Christmas gift was his own little chair. He really loves it and looks so adorable sitting in it!
The only photo I got to be in this year. Please notice the sugar cookie he's shoving in his mouth. This is what happens when you go to grandma & grandpa's!
Christmas morning at our house consisted of Dean dumping out his stocking and discovering his new love....his off-road school bus. Who knew a school bus could be SO COOL!
This year Peach and Big got D his own iPod Touch loaded with Elmo apps, Elmo songs, Disney movies & pictures. It's pretty trippy to watch him "slide to open" like a pro. Needless to say, D scored big this year. (Disclaimer: Don't worry folks, we don't let his brain go to mush by playing on electronics all day. He also got puzzles, blocks, books and other things that don't require batteries and an iTunes account this year.)
Oh the Baylor game. After sprinting through torrential rain, lighting & thunder to see our beloved bears they lost. It was a gigantic disappointment. However, we got to see some good ole Baylor friends and introduce them to our little bear! D couldn't get over the size of the TV in that place!

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