Old Friends

We spent part of last week in Austin getting to catch up with my very best college friends/partners in crime, Jess & Marlo. At our last get-together in January 2010 Jess told us she was pregnant. So, this year she brought her sweet baby girl, Charlotte, with her. It was a really big weekend for Dean because he got to meet his future wife, Charlotte. With the exception of poking her the eye a couple of times & trying to bash her over the head with the Bumbo tray, I'd say he was successful in making an OK impression. Despite the slightly chaotic couple of days with two little ones on completely different schedules we did manage to catch up between crying fits, feedings, spit ups and naps. 3 days out of 365 is just not enough. Marlo, who hasn't yet fallen victim to parenthood, was a trooper and a big help - thank you, Marlo! I'm pretty sure that after spending a few days with two kids has rid her of any desire to procreate in the near future. Which is why next year the rule is, no kids! (for Marlo's sake, of course)

Charlotte is such a doll and a very good natured baby.
Char & Jess. Jess is also very good natured despite the lack of sleep. :)
Lounging around with Marlo.
The lone boy on the trip.
This is a pretty accurate snapshot of the trip. Now if you can also picture me gasping, throwing the camera down, grabbing his well-meaning little finger and saying, "be GENTLE."
My bouncing baby boy at 16 mos. I adore him.

Side note: Dean is beginning to talk! To say that I've been concerned about his lack of verbal communication is a severe understatement. I know, I know boys are slower to develop verbal skills. But, when it's YOUR little boy you tend to freak out a bit. So, I'm so happy to report that the verbal wheels in his head ARE turning and churning out new words like:

- banana (he actually doesn't like eating bananas but, hey I'm not going to question it - it's a word!)
- Dean (turn up the volume and watch the video of him saying his name)
- Mom
- Dad
- No (he adds a little German accent to "No!" I believe it's for extra emphasis. I'm trying to get this one of video)
- Door
- Tree
- Baba (bottle)
- He also attempts to sing the Bob the Builder theme song along with Dad. Which really just sounds like he's trying to sing the word Bob.


  1. I love that both our posts today involved us freaking out over development issues :) Much love to you, and Dean!! Proud of him...and I adore the way he says his name. Deeeean.

  2. Haha I love that video! He has turned into quite the handsome young toddler! Him and his future wife will be so precious together :) Dean and Charlotte - Sounds like a famous couple!