WItchery Kids

In an effort to keep D looking fly I often check out clothing brands from around the world. Yesterday, I discovered Witchery Kids, an Aussie brand. Although I don't love the name, these clothes are seriously cool and have become my new favorite - sorry Crewcuts. After looking at the too-cool-for-school boys stuff I browsed the girls section and found our daughter. No, for real. If we ever have a girl, this is what she will look like. (Dear Lord, please give us a girl. Amen.) She will actually walk out of me looking exactly like this. Classic trench, nautical stripes, studded belt and killer sandals. Her name will be something very euro-cool like...Allegra or Daphne. But, she will have to teach me how to do that effortless looking tie/loop trick with a belt. And, despite her father's best efforts to force her into a convent, she will end up being an artist, designer, model, volleyball player or writer. She will also do all of this while living very close to her father and I. The end.
PS- I know y'all are getting SICK of my dining room but check out Remodelaholic.com today! I'm featured. Thanks Cassity! :)


  1. I have a nine year old girl and it is a *delight* to find ultra cool clothes for her. She even has what she calls her "Paris Collection." Tres chic. Unlike her incredibly uncool looking mother!

  2. This is so funny! So you! Very cute