This is what happens when I leave Daddy & D in a room alone for more than 10 minutes. I return and D has all these new tricks. Like, climbing on the coffee table.

ps- he got his 3rd haircut today. we tried out a new place. and apparently they don't speak English because I said I wanted to keep his curls but just trim them up a bit. after trying to distract him with my iphone I looked up and they were all gone. good news: they will grow back. I guess I should have explained more clearly that his curls are his trademark. they're what he's known for. his signature look. his flair. a distinguishing characteristic. they go with everything, you know? maybe Santa will bring us back his curls for Christmas?


  1. Oh I miss his curls! I need to see him soon!

  2. Oh girl, you have got your hands full now. What little boy doesn't want to be on top of the coffee table?

    So strange without the curls. I agree. Definitely his trademark. :o)

  3. Your little one is darling! On a design note, where is your coffee table from...sorry for being nosy... Julie