Today we made an attempt to get D's photo taken with Santa. Last year it was pretty simple. No crying. No arched back. No make-my-body-go-limp-so-that-I-slide-off-your-lap move. Last year it could have been Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer holding him and he wouldn't have cared a bit. However, despite the hysterics this year, I adore these photos. (And so does my husband because we didn't have to pay for them) Maybe we'll try visiting Santa again before he comes to our house next month?


  1. Wow. It must be the age they are in. My son did the exact same thing this weekend. We went to the RenFest here in Houston and WOW. He was scared of anything with a beard and dark cape. Go figure. LOL. And yesterday he even cried when my friend's husband tried to carry him. It's so strange to me.

    And yes these pictures are tooo cute and love that they were free! :D

  2. Amazing pictures! LOVE them.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog.. your santa photos are priceless..he'll love seeing those one day. Love them.