Here are some recent photos. Enjoy!

{I bought a new pillow for Dean's room. Subliminal message? You betcha'. This will be the first phrase I teach him to read/say.}
{The deep love affair with Daddy continues. When asked, "where is Daddy?!" Dean retreats to his front window spot to wait for his old man to come home.}

{I got to attend a lovely bridal shower for the even more lovely Courtney Comeaux. Here's the blushing bride opening one of her many gifts.}
{Courtney and her sis, Erin, who happens to be a bride as well!}
{Our buddies from Little Gym, Ethan & Scotty, stopped by this week for a little play date. This is the oh-so-adorable Ethan and his Mama, Amalie. Love his smile!!!}
{Ethan & Amalie}
{Scotty & Dean had a little Cheerio eating contest. However, Scotty was unaware that this contest was taking place. Until, Dean began violently choking on the 92 Cheerios he had hoarded and then shoved into his mouth.}
{Scotty: Dude, slow down. My Mom has plenty more of these things.}
{Dean: Did I win?}
{Mr. Z - such a doll!}
{Impromptu snack time with Daddy in the hallway. Maybe this is why he likes Daddy more - he lets him eat off of the floor?!}
{We dropped by this afternoon to see Dean's Great-Grandpa, Poppa Brown}
{We loved the glass top coffee table. It's the simple things.}
{The dudes}

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  1. You're so like me...t-shirts and diapers all the way, baby. Summertime!