Popsicles & Sidewalk Chalk

Cute, right?! Sidewalk chalk and popsicles on a warm afternoon. Drawing something precious for Daddy to see when he pulls in the driveway - his first piece of artwork. Great summer activity....for a 2 year old. If you mix popsicles, colorful sidewalk chalk, and an 11 month old you get a sticky 11 month old eating sidewalk chalk. I'm such a rookie.
We started with the popsicle. Adorable photos. He thought it was super delish and didn't mind that he was so sticky - I didn't either. Then we shifted to the sidewalk chalk which to Dean looks exactly like what he was just eating. Duh, Mom. The last photo is Dean with blue chalk all over his mouth. I couldn't get a great photo of his chalk face because I was to busy frantically scanning the chalk box for poison control information.
For now, the chalk will live in the garage. Maybe we'll pull it out next summer?

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  1. Ha! that happened to us with crayons at about that age...hHenry has eaten quite a few crayons...