My First Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my boys. The most amazing gift I received was watching my little man crawl, clap and pull up all weekend long. He has turned into a little mover almost overnight. Which has called attention to the importance of baby proofing the house. However, I think it might be cheaper and less time consuming to just wrap him in bubble wrap and let him go. Enjoy the photos...
{ Pulling up! }
{ When Dean gets excited he bangs on any surface available and says, "oooohh!" It reminds me of a monkey. I'll try and get it on video. }
{ Mama's precious baby. }
{ When he crawls, he's all business. Furrowed brow, squinty eyes and full of determination. Not to be confused with the face he makes while pooping. }
{ Spontaneous clapping. Not sure yet what makes something/someone deserving of a clap? }

{ Hi Daddy! }

{ Mama's shoes look delicious. }
{ Everyone should get a taste of chocolate on Mother's Day. }
{ Grandpa Dave heard that Dean liked chocolate so he wanted to know if he liked pink icing too. Surprise, surprise. He loved it! }
{ I have introduced Dean to chicken recently and this is what happens when it hits his tongue. Full-on gag. He repeats this with every single bite. I have tried tons of different chicken mixtures and I get the same reaction each time. It's funny for about the first 3 bites. }


  1. So. Steaking. Cute.

    Thank you for brightening my day with your little ray of sunshine.

    He is changing way too fast!

  2. He is TOO cute... love the clapping and brow expressions! Just precious.