Me & D

We had another fun weekend in Austin (yes, again) with family and friends. Michael managed to pry my camera away from me to take a couple of shots of (gasp) ME and my son. My mom also snapped a few with her iPhone. I am so grateful they both caught some of these mom/son moments. I will treasure these photos one day when Dean has to change MY diaper. Sick. Just kidding. Try to enjoy the photos...
Blue water and blue eyes.

This could be one of the only pictures EVER TAKEN of my child not smiling and he just had to save that frown for a picture with his mom?! Throw me a bone man...it's almost Mother's Day

My oldest and dearest childhood friend, Caroline Babb. SO nice to see her & her parents!


  1. You guys are too cute. Happy Almost Mother's Day Sarah! Dean is lucky to have such a cool mom. Glad to see some pics of you too!

  2. LOVE the sweet pictures of you and Mr. Dean!! I also love Dean in his swim trunks..so cute!