I'm sure this won't deeply affect the day to day lives of many people BUT...my blog is OFFICIALLY under construction. (gasp) The very talented and web savvy Wynne has inspired me to do an overhaul. You should check out her fab new blog - http://elderadventures.blogspot.com/ You will be dazzled, no doubt. Check back with me in a few days? weeks? months? There is really no telling just how long this is going to take me. Wish me luck!

PS- A big thanks to Wynne (already!) who has helped me transition to a 3-column layout. It didn't take me too long and her hints were oh-so-helpful. GRACIAS!


  1. whoo hoo! Thanks for the should our Sarah! I am excited to see what you do with your blog :) I'll keep checking back with you to see how it's going. Glad my hints were helpful - email me if you have any questions!

  2. WHAT?! Please tell me the your website won't be down. I look at precious little Dean's pictures all the time! Can you teach me some blog tricks too?

  3. Oh linds, I am jacking all my blog tips and tricks from other smart computer people. I will send you all the links I find that are helpful! :)