Weekend Part Dos - Champagne & Dirty Diapers

¨Not sure why I've been taking photos of the trash lately? Michael thinks it's weird and gross. Maybe I should see someone about it? At the conclusion of our weekend in ATX our trash can definitely said, "They came. They had fun. And, they have babies." Champagne and dirty diapers. Some things change but some things will always remain the same I guess.

It was a great weekend! Some of the highlights were dinner at Steiner Ranch, shopping with the girls, golf for the big boys, the hot tub, Walker and Dean meeting each other and catching up with wonderful friends. We always have fun with the Brewers and Zolfos. If only they lived closer!


  1. Hi Sarah! I love reading your blog and seeing/reading all about your life. So I thinking about you the other day as I was looking into the Bearathon. I guess I kinda let the ball drop there...think we can be ready in 3 weeks? If not we should still try to meet up sometime for an organized athletic event:) Love-Nat

  2. So Cute! I love the picture of the boys in the door... Priceless! Thanks again for a fab weekend. Love to all!