Snowflakes and Giggles

Well, hell must have frozen over because not only did it snow in Houston, Texas...it actually stuck. We had what many Houstonians would call a blizzard last week. And it happened to be Dean Elliot's FIRST snow. The excitment was largely lost on Dean but, I documented every last snowflake. I took enough photos and Flip video that when Michael arrived home that evening he rolled his eyes and said, "Busy day, huh?" Well yes, it was in fact it was a busy day. Plus, a large portion of my new job description is to document my son's every movement and milestone. Duh. Dean will thank me one day. Actually, he probably won't but his wife might. I have some great shots for the photo montage at his wedding.

And yes, there were costume changes. Shoot me.
The latest breaking Dean news: we had our first big giggle last night. And I am proud to say I was the one with the comic genius. Apparently, fake sneezing and fart noises are totally hysterical. I could watch this video clip for hours.

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  1. Love reading the blog Sarah! Dean is such a cutie!!