Our first Thanksgiving came and went with lots of family and even more food! I began the day feverishly getting Dean ready & packed, trying to make myself somewhat decent looking and attempting to bake Emeril's 3 cheese macaroni for the first time. I'm sweating just thinking about it all. After 2 different mid-recipe runs to HEB for ingredients (yes, 2) we were off to our first Thanksgiving with Michael's family. We enjoyed all the traditional turkey, dressing, etc... and no one choked on my mac & cheese so I assume it was edible. We then headed to my parents house on the other side of town and enjoyed a delicious non-traditional meal. Steak. After our final meal we rolled ourselves back home and crashed. Dean did fantastic but he was completely pooped! The poor kid only got to nap in the car between the two meals but, you would never have known. He was a all-star the whole day as he got passed around, hugged, kissed, fed and fussed over. Must have been rough.

The remainder of our weekend was filled with visits from Dean's Uncles and Aunt and our good friend Jason Alley! We had a fabulous first Thanksgiving and we have TONS to be thankful for this year....

a healthy baby boy
family & friends
our warm home
each other
Michael's job
and my hormones returning to normal levels

Now we are headed into Dean's first Christmas season!!! YEA!! Let the fun begin!


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