Lake Travis & Santa

What a fun week we've had. Dean and I skipped town on Wednesday and met my best friends, Jess and Marlo at the new lake house on Lake Travis. Jess had not met Dean yet so this made our journey even more exciting. True to form the girls, Dean and I did a whole lot of nothing. We ate dinner at The Iguana, shopped at The Domain, lunched at The Oasis, watched a movie in the theatre and did a lot of catching up. Very cathartic for me. While shopping on Thursday we happened upon Santa! I tossed Dean into his lap and they took one of THE funniest photos of my son to date. It looks like Dean ate one or two of Santa's helpers. Not sure if the all-over horizontal stripes are to blame or if it's the camera angle? He looks like a chub. Totally precious. Our trip was too short and it makes me miss my dear friends so much. Why can't we all live on the same street?

When we hit town on Friday I was exhausted and Michael was excited to see Dean. Saturday morning we went to ROCC where my parents are members and attended "Breakfast with Santa." It was the cutest little event ever. There was cookie decorating, real snow outside, a DJ, Santa and lots of kids on a sugar high. Next year we will be able to enjoy more of this event but this year we just went to get some good shots with the big man. We had a bit of a meltdown but by the time it was our turn Dean had chilled out. Pictures turned out great!

Next weekend we are looking forward to Dean's baptism, the Uncles and Aunt (safely) coming home from school and our early Christmas celebration with Michael's family before they go to Michigan. Stay tuned for the update!

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