Swine Flu & Family Pictures

Its been a busy week here at our house and it's only Tuesday! On Monday morning, Dean and I ventured out VERY early to a Houston clinic so I could get the swine flu vaccine. The clinic was in a rather sketchy area of town so my plan was to get there and get home as quickly as possible. I was in line for about 3 1/2 hours sandwiched between a women who stood three inches away from the back of my neck while coughing and a little boy who kept trying to grab Dean's paci out of his mouth. It was a nightmare. I spent the majority of the time trying to distract the little paci thief with hand sanitizer and discreetly wipe the back of my neck with a wet ones wipe. I kept Dean covered up with about three blankets. I was finally given a number (63) and ushered into a room and administered the vaccine. Ahh, government run health care at its finest. Bottom line, I am glad I went and got vaccinated - even if everyone is panicking about the safety of the vaccine. I will let you know if I grow a third eye. Stay tuned.

Today was much more fun. We had Adam Nyholt come to the house to take some pictures. He was great! I dressed Dean in a buffalo check onsie, cable knit booties and the most precious hat with little ears. I took a picture of him in this outfit however, Adam's photos will be MUCH cooler! After two hours of smiling, clapping, laughing, snapping and making ridiculous faces all in a failed attempt to make my son laugh - I am exhausted. And of course, as soon as I closed the door behind Adam, Dean started laughing. Weasel. I can't wait to see the proofs in a couple of weeks.

Tonight, Michael is getting to have actual adult conversation at the Rockets game with a customer (lucky). I am glad he gets to get out of the house! And after a long day of pictures and costume changes Dean is chilling in his Bumbo grunting and pooping and I'm getting ready to change a diaper. Tomorrow, we head back to the pediatrician for Dean's last two month shots. Poor guy.


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