A weekend without the kids

We spent the weekend with some of our neighbors soaking up the sun (I really soaked up way too much) and enjoying each other's company without the company of our small boys. I will say, when I first moved into our neighborhood I was sceptical about meeting couples that were our age. But, God has really provided us with some great friendships that are conveniently located within walking distance of us. And, since our lives will be slowing down a bit with the new baby this fall, I'm really trying to focus some energy on having fun with friends! We boated, floated, golfed, got our nails done, enjoyed the pool, ate some delicious meals together and most importantly got a chance to relax just a bit! Here's what six parents on their "off-time" looks like...
Mr. Z
Dad can do tricks too, Dean!
Deanna & Christine
The Cresaps
Mr. Cresap trying his hand at boat dock swing
The normally hard-working moms
Nathan's Mom & Dad
Scotty's Mom & Dad
Dean's Mom & Dad

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  1. Oh! I need this! I'm planning one now. ...