Oh my. There are no words to describe my love of Pinterest. It's amazing and I love it to pieces. I would take time to explain it a little more for those of you who have never heard of it but, that would really cut down on my actual Pinterest time. Sorry. Here are some of the images I've been Pinning lately...

I have a board called "She can do no wrong." It's all my favorite Kate pictures. It's true, she can do no wrong. I love her.
Fun table ideas for future parties and showers.
Such a creative idea for adding some fun to a plain envelope.
This is brilliant. Maybe the next house?

Fun birth announcement ideas.
Cute sibling photography for future.
This one is on my "Maternity looks I don't totally hate." This girl looks adorable. Clearly this is her first child because her button down is still buttoned up completely and there are no large stains on her - and it appears to be midday. Maybe I'll give this a whirl on my off day. ;)
I'm a sucker for chevrons. I'd take one of these in every color of the rainbow.
Great nursery ideas. I love this book wall.


  1. I spent no less than 45 minutes yesterday pinning ideas for my bookcases. I'm obsessed.

  2. I haven't gotten on the Pinterest bandwagon--I'm pretty booked up with two blogs and a tumblr!--but I certainly share your love of Kate. I frequently post about her. Her style is, indeed, pretty much flawless...and even though I'm old enough to be her mother, she is still an inspiration to me to look the best I possibly can!

    I enjoyed visiting your blog. Do stop by sometime...

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life