Royal Wedding Fever!

It's full-on 24-7 coverage of the royal wedding around here. My pregnancy with Dean had me in a deep relationship with all things NBA and LeBron James. This time around it looks like the royal wedding is going to be my "thing." After hours of Internet searching I found the single piece of wedding memorabilia that I couldn't live without. Here it is....
I love it. I haven't decided if I will be up at 4am or not. But, last night I got up at 4 to use the bathroom and thought, "hey, I can do this." Plus, it might be the only time I can watch the whole spectacle in its entirety without interruptions. I can't wait to see what her dress is going to look like, how she'll do her hair, her jewelry, etc.... SO EXCITED!


  1. AAAAH! I wish I had pregnancy to blame, but I am beyond excited for the wedding!!! We have friends visiting from out of town- otherwise I was going to have a brunch at our house for all of my girlfriends to watch it on the dvr! I'm glad I'm not the only one...

  2. I will be up if you would like me to call you! :)
    We really do need to plan a play date...I've officially switched my career path in life to a stay at home mom! :)