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Hey everyone! Here are the pictures that I've been promising of our little man's second Halloween. He celebrated Halloween all. week. long. We had a bash at the club with my family, we celebrated at the neighborhood party, dropped by Daddy's office to show off my costume, got to see Uncle Travis, trick-or-treated at Dusty's house and dropped by to visit my in-laws. Whew. Lots of pictures and lots of fun!

This year D had two costumes. The first was a blue monster costume - which he unfortunately hated but kept it on long enough to get a few shots. His second costume was his skeleton PJ's. This was much more tolerable in the heat. He was cute in both but, we were partial to the blue monster. I think we laughed hysterically for about 20 minutes after we put it on him. But, the combo of the hairy and very hot polyester plus the humiliation factor was just too much for him to handle. We learned our lesson.

This year Mommy & Daddy had costumes too! I was a human kleenex. It was pretty simple. I just wore my normal clothes and every time D had a runny nose he wiped it on my shoulder and/or my legs. Daddy also had his own Halloween get-up. He was Tom Selleck - see mustache photo below. ;)
D with my parents & grandparents
Pacing & crying. He HATES the blue monster!

Plenty of sugar at the club bash!
They had a DJ, trick-or-treating, a bouncy house, dinner & prizes. He was a little overwhelmed by all the kids & music!
Spinning in Daddy's work chair. Is there anything more fun?!
Visiting Grandpa's office
Charming all the ladies.
Playing on Uncle Trav's Iphone.
He spotted the train at the neighborhood party. We then waited in line for twenty minutes for a ride.
No one wants to think about dental health at Halloween. Get lost tooth!
First cotton candy.
Visiting more grandparents
Tickling the ivories.
Jumping on the trampoline with Daddy/Tom Selleck. Love that moustache.
Trick-or-treating at Dusty the dog's house. Holly & Chris live there too!

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  1. Adorable Sarah. Thanks for sharing (glad we get to see the blue monster too!) and visiting us for Halloween! We need to make it an annual event.