Exposure Therapy

In one of my more brilliant parenting moments (please note intended sarcasm) I decided to start "exposure therapy" with Dean to treat his deep aversion to grass. I learned about exposure therapy from a reality show - at the time I concocted this whole diagnosis & treatment in my head it sounded COMPLETELY legit and then I said it out loud to my husband. So...we went to a park yesterday that has an enormous grassy prairie-like area. After we played on the swings, tried to eat various found objects and played on the slides we began our therapy. Here's how it went...

{How the heck am I going to get out of this?}
{AH-HA...narrow cement step. Safe!}
{Walking the little cement plank. Up and back}
{Up and back. This process went on probably 8 times.}
{Hmm...Mom's camera bag. If only I could get to it without touching the grass.}
{Placed back into the middle of the grass & immediately headed back to the cement.}
{Grabbin' a drink before we head home}
{Walking along the sidewalk at home}


  1. hahaha he is so funny and adorable! Those pictures are awesome...thanks for sharing:)

  2. Wow. He really doesn't like it. :D But I think it was a great idea. :D

  3. Great thinking Mom...ease him into it one step at a time. Just a suggestion--try a picnic in the grass? He'll discover fun things happen in that green stuff. ;D Hugs, Peggy

  4. Hi, New girl here...

    We went through this except with sand - my daughter asked me the other day "Do you remember when I didn't like the beach" Oh yes, I thought she would never get over it. Little baby ways are so cute.

  5. That's too funny! Caden used to not like getting water on his head while bathing. Then we took him to to park two days in a row and he ran through the fountains like a mad man. Now he climbs into the shower with me, fully clothed, before I even have a chance to stop him. He loves getting wet!