The Weekend

I'm just now getting around to posting a few photos from our Austin weekend and we're about to head that direction AGAIN for the 4th. Dean and I invited our good friend Holly Carr up for the weekend while the big boys had their own "guys weekend" on the other end of the lake. Unfortunately, I never got a photo with my camera of Holly but she got some great shots you can check out on her blog here.

Chillin' on the boat dock. Look at that grill - he's got 6 teeth now and LOVES to grind them all. day. long. Which is absolute TORTURE for his mommy to listen to. I would rather listen to 4 million babies cry all day long than his teeth grinding. Yucky.

Headed up on the tram.

Dean loves splashing and being naked in the pool! He also loves to pee in the pool - unfortunately that picture is not "blog appropriate." :(

Sidenote: I had a small mole - no actually I'm going to call it a beauty mark because mole sounds huge and hairy and gross - I had a beauty mark removed from between my toes a few weeks ago. I COMPLETELY underestimated how painful and annoying this little process would be. After nearly two weeks of limping around I just had the 3 stitches removed yesterday and I'm still not 100%. But, a warning to you all - CHECK YOUR FEET! Beauty marks on your feet should be removed ASAP. Don't mess around!


  1. Oh, girl. Henry grinded his teeth but it ended after about a week, thank the Lord. We tried to totally ignore him when he did because the first few times, we freaked out and that seemed to trigger more grinding. Hmmm.

  2. Such a cutie! Look at that head of hair! Yes, the teeth grinding probably does not sound nice, but he sure looks adorable with 'em :)
    Sorry about the toe :( Good that you noticed it.