Mommy & Dean's Road Trip

Hello again. Dean and I got home yesterday from a long road trip that took us to Austin, Dallas, Waco and back home again. We had so much fun visiting our long distance pals. Here are some highlights...

**I didn't really pick up my camera over the July 4th holiday, which explains why there are no 4th pictures below. Just imagine some of our other Austin/lake pictures, add some red, white & blue, a few fireworks and you got it. **

Our first stop was at the Zolfo's (Baylor friends) house on Tuesday. We got to catch up with Walker & his momma which is always a treat. Dean got his first taste of dog food while hanging at the Zolfo's - delish! Baxter was super sweet to share his puppy treats with Dean! When we looked up, Dean had 2 pieces of kibble rolling around in his mouth and had a perplexed look on his face. Hysterical. We also got to see the lovely Lindsey Brewer who was kind enough to drop by for a visit too! I love getting to see the Lindseys and only wish that we all lived closer.
Pretty sure Walker and Dean had no clue there was another baby in the room. Maybe next time they meet they will play TOGETHER?!
Future Baylor roommates!
Iphone image - better in B/W Linds?! ;)

On Wednesday we headed over to see Stephen & Katie Dotson (more Baylor friends) and their baby boy, Knox. He is ADORABLE. We lunched and went to the Dallas aquarium which is one of the most memorable activities I have done with Dean to date. Everything was so new & so amazing. It was a treat to watch him see a zillion different animals. And what is a trip to the aquarium without getting pooped on, right? They have a huge open jungle-like area where exotic birds fly around and I was lucky enough to get a little gift on the back of my head. Haven't I been pooped on enough this year?! Luckily Katie was there with an abundance of baby wipes to save the day. Thanks for entertaining us Dotson's!
Look at these big blue eyes. He's is watching sharks swim all around him.
He especially loved the penguins. Amazing.
Katie, Knox, Dean & Mommy - The petting portion of the aquarium.

Wednesday night we met my dearest friend in the whole world (who happens to be 8 months pregnant with a little girl) for dinner. Jess is one of my BEST Baylor friends. It was such a tease. Why can't we live closer?! I am looking forward to holding Charlotte sometime soon - and so is Dean. Jess, when are you starting your blog?! ;)
Dean told me on the way home that he was going to marry Charlotte one day. I have given my blessing.

Finally, on the way home, we stopped in Waco to see Holly, Margaret & Stella Fish. Holly and I have been schoolmates from grade school all the way to Baylor! Mrs. Fish was kind enough to whip up delicious quesadillas for the weary travelers. We enjoyed playing with the big girls. Thanks Fishes!
Margo reading to a captive audience.
photo by: H. Fish
photo by: H. Fish
Mrs. Fish is an excellent cook.
Last night, after a long trip, Daddy was very glad to see his little man! Dean was also very happy to see Daddy again. They were doing bath mohawks. I absolutely LOVED our little Tour of Texas and I'm so glad we got to see everyone! Thanks to you all for making time for us this week!
Whew...is anyone still there?


  1. That picture of Stella's smile is great! Will you email me the original file?! So glad to see you. We loved having you here!

  2. Well you know me better than I know myself... the blogging has begun.