Michigan Trip - Part 2

And here is part 2 of our trip. Family & Frankenmuth.
Little Logan pushing Dean around in the stroller. This activity went on for quite some time.
Cousin Michael
Cousin Angela
Uncle Joe and the boys
Joe, Laura & Jeanette
Schmeling boys & Feigleson boys
Cousin Laura
Family photo by the barn. No, I'm not pregnant...it's just the shirt.
Bronner's in Frakenmuth - click here to see the website. AMAZING and HUGE Christmas store!
Bronner's parking lot. Yep, baby Jesus was watching over our car while we shopped inside.
Covered bridge in Frankenmuth
My Bavarian baby
Frankenmuth flowers

We had a nice time in Michigan visiting with everyone! A big thanks to all the family members who drove to the farm to visit with us. We felt very special and enjoyed seeing you all.


  1. Great Pictures! I can't wait to head out there in August...except my family lives in the city...boooo :( Detroit to be exact.

  2. Seriously So Cute! My fave is Deans fave in the Bavarian body cut out. And of Dean showing off his teeth! Thanks for sharing Sarah. xo