Michigan - Part 1

I've got so many post worthy images there is no way I can fit them into just one. So, enjoy part one of our trip to Michael's Grandparent's farm in Munger, MI.
This is the big red barn sitting right next to their home and the huge field full of soy beans. Beautiful.
Quite possibly my favorite Daddy & Dean picture to date. So handsome. Sitting outside on the farm enjoying the breeze.
Great-Grandpa DuRussell and the boys.
Grandma Feigleson (aka J-Wow) & Great-Grandma DuRussell giggling at Dean.
This is the big corn field across the street from their house.
Well, maybe this is my favorite Daddy & Dean picture?!
Great-Grandma DuRussell & Dean strolling.


  1. So sweet Sarah. These are some great pictures! Glad you had a nice time:)

  2. Daddy/Dean pics are adorable! Any mommy and Dean? I'm sure they are even better!!

    Glad you had a good time!

  3. Sarah! Apparently you have a calling to be a photographer. Love the pics. Can't say it enough, adorable fam!

  4. Beautiful Pictures Sarah. Cant wait to see Part 2! Love the one of Mike walking with Dean... priceless.

  5. i love it when you post - you take the most stunning photographs... and your son is SO adorable. glad to see things are going so great for you --
    xoxo, stephanie