Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger. I blame my lack of posts on the fact that I am currently in the decorating/party planning/trying to keep D from splitting his head open on every solid object in sight mode. Decorating is coming along very slowly because it must be done on my "free" time which I don't have a lot of. Same with party planning. And, I spend much of my days racing, darting, sprinting and running to catch our little guy before his head comes into contact with yet another inanimate object.

Unfortunately, we have had two pretty nasty spills as of late. In his first daredevil stunt he pulled up on a bar stool which promptly came crashing down on top of him. Tears. Blunt force trauma to the head and face. Crying. It was nasty. Number two happened on Monday morning during an impromptu bath. He tried to stand up in the bath, and just as I was trying to grab him his precious little face hit the side of the tub. Blood. Fat lip. Tears. Screaming. Mother of the year, I know.

So, since Dean looks like he has been in a bar fight and I have developed twitch today is the first day we have ventured out in public. I will try and get my camera out again soon so I have something to share with everyone!


  1. Hello! I have no idea how today of all days I stumbled upon your Blog. I too am in a mad dash these days to unsuccessfully catch my VERY ACTIVE 9 month old son and was just last night beating myself up about it... but I can see...I am not alone... Happy Chasing.... :D

  2. I love you...you're hilarious! And a great mom! Boys are meant to look battered and beaten, right? :)

    We need to get together soon...Knox can't wait to meet his little friend Dean!