9 month check up

Welp, today was our little man's 9 month check up. A rare doctor's visit because everyone left with a smile. No shots - YEA! Dean seems to be right on track with developmental milestones and is tipping the scales once again. The doctor said to me after reviewing his stats, "He will be a formidable competitor." We're are just pleased that he is a healthy, happy boy. However, this does explain why my arms look like I have been juicing...and I don't mean squeezing my own orange juice.

Height = 31 1/4" (100%)
Weight= 25 lbs 120z (100%)
Head Circ = 18 1/2" (90%)

I am now beginning to look toward Dean's BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Yea! We've got our theme, date & place all picked out. I have also begun to work with Lauren at Letters by Laurenon our invitations - she's awesome. Here's a little sneak peak...


  1. Oh my word! So cute!
    Sounds like a healthy baby boy... 9 months, wow!

  2. AHH! Im Dying at this picture of Dean! You are so creative!! Cant believe he's 9 months!!!

  3. I can see him being a competitor for sure. haha love the theme! Are you going to have a pinata? We had one at Andrew's 30th and the kids...and adults loved it. VERY entertaining for participants and spectators. Thanks for the congrats to Andrew!

  4. That will be the funnest 1 yr old birthday party ever! Kinda jealous.

  5. I just laughed out loud...cute Mexi-Dean!!

  6. What a cute picture! He is a big boy and that is awesome! Toned arms are the best:)