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I've been so bad lately about taking out my camera and taking pictures. I DID get a few pictures of Dad's 28th backyard birthday celebration - see below. But, for the most part, I've been lazy. We have tons going on around here....new carpet (so fun!), trying to pick a paint color for Dean's new room, a new color for the nursery (because I'm SO SICK of the green color that's in there now), doc appointments, a wedding, a lake trip, swimming lessons etc... We're having lots of summer fun around here!

A baby boy #2 update: I had an OB appt today. I'm 17 weeks and all is well. Hallelujah! I started feeling him kick around 15 weeks (I didn't feel Dean until about 18-20 wks) and - drum roll please....I've only gained 3lbs so far! Double Hallelujah! Now, this could all change at my next visit but, for now, I'm enjoying this small victory and hoping this means I won't reach whale status by November. Healthy baby & not a ton of weight gain (yet) - best. news. ever.

Enjoy some recent pictures....

Enjoying the water slide until they got kicked off. :( Boo!
New carpet! You really had to live on the old stuff to truly appreciate the new stuff. So soft!
Water table in the shade.
Our little stop at BU a few weeks back. Love the sound of those bells!
Sipping a "Beet & Berry" smoothie. Sneaking in a veggie at every turn! :)
Lazy cartoon watching morning.

Daddy's Slip 'n Slide Birthday

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  1. You have the most handsome boy ever! Is it possible for Dean to get more handsome with each passing day??!! We really need to get together sometime soon...ALL of us!!