17 months

Here is a little glimpse of Dean at 17 months:
- cars. he LOVES hot wheels. he also really loves the pixar movie, cars. lightening mcqueen is his main man. he plays cars on the coffee table everyday. he's also gotten quite good at making car noises. such a boy thing.
- he's a dancer. music gets him moving.
- about 2 months ago Dean officially dropped his morning nap. which I was nervous about but, it's actually wonderful.
- swimming lessons. we've been in swim lessons for about one month now and today D was promoted to the starfish 2 class. his teacher told me, "Dean is what we call an eager swimmer." however, she forgot that he can't swim. which means he's an eager boy who has no fear of the water. our goal is for him to be able to float on his back with ease by the summer. fingers crossed.
- talking is still a slow moving process for us. this week he said bubbles which sounded like bubba. baby steps.
- we have a climber. he tries to climb on everything.
- he spends quite a bit of time in the time out chair. see above.
- his little personality is showing more and more. lately, if you are not sitting, standing, or doing what he wants you to, he will try to shove, push and move you into the correct spot. it's hysterical and very bossy. hmm, wonder where he gets that?
- the other day at tiny tots and tunes he pushed a kid over and immediately threw his head back laughing and patting his chest. he of course did this in the middle of the circle with all the other moms watching in horror. he never does that kind of stuff in the corner when no one is looking. the whole thing made me sweat.
- he is a goof ball in front of his grandparents. total hot dog.
- after about 3 months his curls are finally back and better than ever. i love them.
- he isn't quite adjusted to sunday school yet. when we go to pick him up he is usually in the "bye-bye buggy." (see video clip below) hopefully his rather severe separation anxiety subsides very soon.
- he is the light of our lives and our constant entertainment. i don't know what we did before we had him!?

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