Welp, I've been procrastinating this post. If you know me well you know I don't like change. SO....needless to say, my first and only son turning one-year-old brought on some emotions and change I wasn't ready for. For about a week leading up to his birthday I rocked him to sleep every night and sobbed - you can confirm that with my hubby, who I'm pretty sure thought I was slowly losing my mind whenever he caught me in the glider mid-sob. I put out a few pictures for the party of Dean's first year. Michael was looking at them the night before and said something like, "wow, he sure is a big" or "he certainly doesn't look like a baby anymore." I immediately burst into tears and turned Michael's shirt into a wet, snotty mess. But, I'm certain (correct me if I'm wrong) that every mom goes through a version of this at some point in time. The bad news is change is inevitable so I've eventually got to pull myself together and put on my big girl pants, otherwise I'll be the mom clinging to my son's leg sobbing uncontrollably when he walks across the stage to get his diploma. So, the past week when folks ask me, "how old is he?" I've been working on replying, "he's one" without breaking into the ugly cry in the middle of the bread aisle.

Here are a few pictures of Dean's birthday party and his actual birthday. We had a great time at his party and Dean was surrounded with loving family and friends - which is just how we wanted it to be. Because I was a little bit busy putting things together for the shin dig, I managed to not take a single photo of the set up - which was super adorable! :( So, this will have to do.

We woke him up on 9.9.10 with birthday waffles. We sang to him and measured how tall he is on the wall in his closet.
For lunch he got a birthday fig newton. I sang to him again and helped him blow it out. Singing, holding a flaming fig newton, taking a photo and trying to keep it out of Dean's reach not the BEST idea I've ever had.
I had grand visions of Dean jumping into his cupcake cake and getting COMPLETELY messy. Not so. This is about how messy he got.
A little batting practice with Unchie Carson.
Showing Peach all my new toys
This was taken a week before Dean's birthday at my Dad's birthday dinner. He did get into the chocolate cake here. I guess it was too much pressure with everyone watching him?! I adore this picture. So full. So happy.

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