Our little Sunday afternoon

This weekend was a (much needed) quiet one at our house. We ventured to the dog show Saturday morning so Dean could see all the pups. He enjoyed watching the dogs compete in the agility course and dog dancing show. Yes, dog dancing is really an event. Then we headed to the pool for a bit until the skies opened. Sunday afternoon we got in some splash mat time in the backyard before it rained AGAIN. Dean discovered how to put his face in the water and I actually caught it on tape. He hasn't learned how to hold his breath while doing this new trick but, I'm sure that will come. He had us in stitches! (please excuse my annoying voice in this video - ugh, is that how I really sound!?!?)

P.S. - The swimsuit D is wearing in this video is goofy and slightly ridiculous looking however, it does save me about 15 minutes of wrestle-mania trying to get sunscreen on him. Thanks for the suit, Peach!


  1. Love it! Bathtime is going to be a bit of a challenge with this new trick, huh? So cute!

  2. That video is hysterical! What a cute kid. You make me want to buy a splash mat!