We ventured out to a neighborhood park in Katy yesterday and enjoyed our first swing! We will probably head back this afternoon for more fun. And, we'll most likely take Daddy on Saturday to show him our swinging skills.

Here is a better image of the hat. It goes with a shirt that has a gator on it. I seem to be drawn to any article of clothing or accessory that has ears, a tail or a fin on it. Irresistible and ferocious all at the same time.

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  1. yeah for the 3 column! the blog is looking oh so great. i love it! I love these pictures - esp the first one, I love your perspective. were you on the ground? I took some similar ones yesterday of my dog....haha.

    um and I LOVE the header pic - how did you get the major sun flare in the right corner? from the picture or post-processing? do tell!